FGX - Firestik No Ground Plane CB Antenna (Select Length & Color)

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FireStik II FG No Ground Plane Replacement CB Antennas. 100 percent made in America, FireStik antennas have a well-deserved reputation for being well made and standing up to rugged road use!

These whips are meant as a replacement for Firestik FG series no ground plane CB antenna kits. FireStik FG whips require a special no ground plane cable installed on a vehicle with no metal ground plane to work properly.

The FireStik FG whips are glass fiber reinforced with a solid copper wire core. A completely weatherproof, UV sleeve will protect your FireStik through many seasons. FireStik's tunable tip makes fine tuning quick and easy to achieve.

All FireStik antenna are factory tested and quality checked so you are assured of getting only the best CB antenna.

26 - 30 MHz radio frequencies

FireStik FG NGP antennas are designed as replacement masts for FireStik NGP CB antenna kits. Compatible with mounts threaded for 3/8x24.

2, 3, and 4 foot antenna lengths offered in choice of Black or White antenna color

Don't forget that all import antenna spring to protect both the antenna and mount. This is an optional accessory that CB World recommends.

High quality RG58 or RG59 is the one component that is most of often neglected in CB and two-way radio setups. Be sure to use only the best NGP coax for your radio equipment.

Tune your antenna
Whenever installing or reinstalling a CB antenna, tuning the antenna is an absolute must for achieving lowest SWR & realizing peak radio performance. CB World has compiled a comprehensive collection of CB radio installation and troubleshooting articles that are useful for every CB radio installer.

Power handling
The rated maximum wattage for the antenna is 100 watts.

Product features

  • 5/8 wave Fiberglass antenna
  • Available in 2, 3, or 4 foot length
  • Black or White antenna colors
  • 3/8x24 ferrule
  • NGP antenna
  • Factory tuned & field adjustable
  • 5 year limited warranty
  • Made in the USA

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