2M4 - 48.2" Firestik 2 Meter Ham Radio Antenna

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FireStik Antenna Company 2M4 2-meter HAM radio antenna offers the lowest angle of radiation of any mobile VHF antenna. Knowledgeable VHF radio operators prefer the 2 meter 5/8 wave antenna from FireStik for its low impedance and low average SWR. A friendly 4 foot length and 400 watts make the 2M4 a powerful option for mobile VHF users.

The 2M4 from FireStik is highly resistant to static noise and tunable to higher frequencies that other manufacturers antennas.

The antenna core is 3/8 inch solid FireStik formula fiberglass that is as rugged as it is reliable. The 2M4 antenna conductor is a double insulated 19 gauge copper wire and the outer covering is high quality PVC with UV and pigment stabilizers designed to stand up to tough environmental conditions year round.

The FireStik 2M4 is a ground-plane dependent antenna. A sufficient metallic surface is required to properly reflect this antennas signal. Proper tuning of the 2M4 is required prior to transmitting or damage may be incurred by radio's circuitry.

The FireStik 2M4 is a high performance 2-meter radio antenna designed to be as mobile as you are. Available in black only, sorry no rainbow colors for this power performer.

144-148 MHz Amateur Band

Fully compatible with all standard 3/8 x 24 antenna mounts and accessories.

For best performance in mobile applications an antenna spring may be desired to protect your antenna and mount. A heavy duty antenna spring is suggested with 4 foot antennas.

High quality coaxial cable with ensure that your 2 meter will perform up to its full potential. FireStik Fire-Flex coax cables are a great match to any 2 Meter setup.

Tune your antenna
The 2M-4 series of antennas are field tunable. For instructions on adjust the SWR for your antenna visit CB World's help center and read the how to tune your antenna guide for further information. FireStik does recommend SWR below 2.0:1 as reasonable for this antenna.

Power handling
400 Watts FM

Product features

  • Omni-Directional Antenna Covering the 144-148 MHz Amateur Band
  • Low Angle of Radiation
  • 5/8 Wave Design with Nominal Impedance of 50-52 Ohms
  • Average SWR Across 4 MHz is 1.5:1
  • Length is 48.2"
  • Boasts 6 dB Gain with Power Handling of 400 Watts FM
  • Base is a Standard 3/8" x 24 Threads Chrome Plated Machined Brass
  • Field tunable design

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