by Bearcat Scanner

If you’re an EMS professional you probably already have a scanner installed in your vehicle. The ability to monitor a wide variety of radio frequencies and NOAA weather channels cannot be forgotten as part of any emergency preparedness plan.

In today’s society more individuals are setting up their vehicles as part of an emergency evacuation plan. Installing a CB radio, GMRS radio, and scanner in your car, truck, van, or four-wheel drive is great insurance against the unknown. The ability to monitor two-way radio traffic whether it’s for inclement weather, natural disaster, or a human threat against life or property cannot be underestimated.

The Uniden Bearcat Homepatrol 2 scanner offers a simple to configure, base/mobile or portable scanner option that is fully capable of monitoring APCO25 and other digital trunked frequencies. A compact unit it is easy to mount and use in even tight cab spaced vehicles such as Jeep Wranglers.

Initial setup of the Uniden Homepatrol2 is easily accomplished by turning the unit on and entering your zip code. The Uniden Sentinel database will find the available radio frequencies in your region and begin scanning. Connecting the Homepatrol 2 to your personal computer allows you to update the SIM card with the latest frequencies, which are updated weekly by Uniden.

They say knowledge is power, so staying well informed even when the lights go out or the boogy man comes knocking in the middle of the night can mean all the difference between being safe or not. Get your Uniden Bearcat Homepatrol2, set it up, and install a mobile mount to take your scanner with you. You’ll never regret being connected!


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