CBNF3AXX - Twinpoint Power Cord With Noise Filter for CB Radios

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Are you fed up with line interference and electrical noise on your CB, Scanner, stereo, and two-way radio? A CB Radio Noise Filter from Workman Electronic Products, the Bandit CBNF3AXX CB/Stereo power noise filter will reduce engine and electrical noise on your radio.

The Bandit Noise filter is a 20 amp inline filter specifically designed for tackling noise from alternators, engine, wiper motors, and other automotive electronics. The CBNF3AXX power noise filter includes the 3 pin power plug most new CB radios use. The plug can be removed to adapt this device to work with many other radios.

Carefully following the included installation instructions for the Bandit power noise filter will protect your automotive electrical system, radio, and reduce line noise.

Unfortunately, if the noise is emanating for your antenna the Bandit noise filter will not be of help.

Product features

  • 6 foot overall length
  • Heavy duty 3 pin power cord (12 GA)
  • 20 amp noise filter
  • Two in-line fuse holders; 4 amp negative, 10 amp positive
  • Easy installation
  • Stops electrical interference
  • Stops noise on automotive power source LEDS
  • For all CB, radio, power amps, and amateur radios
  • Installation instructions are included

Note: Red goes to the battery. Black for your ground.