AUMM2XX - Dual Mirror Mount Cb Antenna Kit

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A dual mount CB antenna can provide great performance for large vehicles where the size and shape of the passenger compartment can block reception. This is especially true for 18-wheelers and similar big rigs. Accessories Unlimited offers the Dual Mirror Mount CB Antenna kit for easy installation and great performance on larger vehicles. The kit includes aluminum dual 3 way mirror mount brackets, 2 top load fiberglass antennas in 2, 3, or 4 foot lengths, black or white colored antennas, and dual coax cable with PL259 terminated connectors. Everything that's needed for a complete antenna setup comes in this convenient package. The 3 way mirror mount included in this kit allows for either horizontal or vertical mounting capability. Connect the dual mirror mount CB antenna to your CB mobile radio for outstanding performance.


The Accessories Unlimited dual antennas are top load fiberglass core wound with copper wire that provides tuneability in a rugged package. Consult our how to tune a CB Antenna guide for tips necessary for fine tuning your install. Kits are available with 2, 3, and 4 foot antenna in standard black or white color and utilize industry standard 3/8" x 24 threaded attachment point.

Mounting bracket

Two standard 3 way mounting brackets provide secure mounting to your vehicle. The grooved channels on the interior surfaces of the clamp prevent mounts from slipping while you are cruising down the road!


Two 9 foot coax cables with PL259 connectors offer hassle free attachment to the antenna mount and radio equipment. Just screw both ends of each cable to the appropriate end point and you are in business!

Kit includes

  • 2 Mirror mount brackets
  • Dual coax cable with PL259 Connectors
  • 2 Top Load Fiberglass Antennas

Recommend Accessories

Springs are a most often recommended accessory for use with fiberglass antennas. Antenna springs provide the flex in the mounting system to prevent damage, not only to the antenna but also to the mount, and potentially your vehicle. Be sure to read our guide to CB Antenna Springs for complete information.

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