Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

FAQs – we receive lots of requests for information, these are among the most common that are asked on a daily basis. If you don't find an answer to your question be sure to send us your question on our contact us page.

Q: I have questions on programming my Bearcat scanner. Where can I find up to date information for my scanner setup?

A: Be sure to visit Uniden's product support pages for the very latest information on configuring Bearcat scanners at

Q: My Safari Web Browser is unable to view my shopping cart. What can I do to complete my order?

A: The latest version of Safari’s browser security is not compatible with many eCommerce applications. We are working diligently to resolve this issue. The best solution is to use a different browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Q: Are you affiliated with

A: We are an authorized Uniden reseller and have been in business since 1977. We are located in the Mid-Willamette Valley of Oregon.

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: We do not ship outside of the United States.

Q: How come certain products cannot ship USPS post office carrier?

A: Certain items are considered oversize and can only ship via UPS. Please be sure to include a street address when purchasing these items, otherwise there will be a delay in shipping your order.

Q: I want to select UPS shipping but do not see this option in my shopping cart. How do I specify a shipping method?

A: We utilize standard shipping options and charge tables that calculate the cost of your order based on the address ship from and to locations. When viewing your shopping cart click on the change link, enter your city, state, and zip code and select get rates. You can then specify your preferred shipping method and cost. We do offer free flat rate shipping, refer to our policies page for complete details on these options and availability.

Q: I want to have a Scanner installed in my vehicle do you perform installations and onsite service?

A: We do not do any repair work or installation. We are an internet only concern with a shipping warehouse based in Albany, OR.

Q: I want to place my order over the phone because it's safer. How do I accomplish this?

A: We do not accept orders via telephone. We use a secure order credit card processor for your protection that encrypts your all of your information. does NOT handle or store your sensitive credit card information.

Q: What is your return policy?

A: Please visit our policy page for complete information on our return policies and shipping information.

Q: I want to return an item. What is the process?

A: How to setup a return is covered on our policies page which includes a link to the order section of our website. If you've created an account this is a very quick and easy process. If not you can refer to your copy of the original order that was emailed to you for additional information or use the contact us page to get your Return Material Authorization (RMA) started.

Q: How do I find my tracking number for my order?

A: We send out tracking numbers the evening of the business day after your order has shipped. This is provided by the carrier using an automated system. Occasionally our tracking information is not updated in a timely fashion. If you have not received an email with your tracking number and it has been more than three business days, send us a message on our contact us form, or refer to your order invoice for additional information. Remember we are in the Pacific Time zone and ship weekdays during business hours.

Q: I just sent you an email or submitted a contact form request. How come I haven't received a response yet?

A: Our customers are important to us we will respond to your email during normal business hours within the next business day. Please be aware that we are in the Pacific Time zone. If your email was sent after business hours, on a weekend or holiday there may be a delay in responding to your inquiry.

Q: Does my handheld Bearcat scanner include an AC charger?

A: All of the newer Bearcat Handheld scanners include a USB charging cable. They can be connected to an AC outlet with the addition of a USB wall charger adapter.

Q: I'm looking for an indoor antenna for my scanner. Can you make a recommendation?

A: Indoor antennas are difficult to come by for radio scanners. Most of the telescopic antennas sold with Bearcat scanners do an excellent job of pulling in regional frequencies. A better option might be to connect your scanner to a quality base station antenna.

Q: I'm concerned that programming my Bearcat scanner will prove too difficult. Can you assist in setting up my scanner?

A: We don't provide programming services. However setting a Bearcat scanner is very simple and the included manuals provide step by step guidance. For tech savy folks most of the scanners can be programmed from a personal computer. The software makes setting up a new scanner pretty much a point and click effort. If you do not want to have program your Bearcat scanner be sure to consider the Uniden BCD536HP or BCD436HP digital scanners with TrunkTracker V these models require no programming. Just turn them on and enter your location to be able to hear communications in your local region.

Q: How do I know if my Bearcat scanner is a Digital model?

A: All Bearcat scanners that have a model number such as BCDXXXXX are digital radio scanners. The "D" is Uniden's designation for digital.

Q: Are any of the Bearcat scanner WiFi capable so I can take advantage of WiFi internet access?

A: Yes, the BCD536HP is WiFi Connectable. The BCD536HP includes a WiFI Dongle and with a WiFi app you can connect your iPAD/Android device for remote control of your radio scanner.