FS3SMK-W - Firestik White 3 Foot Single FS II CB Antenna Kit

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The FireStik Single FS CB Antenna Kit is a high performance single CB mirror mount antenna system. CB World offers this complete value pack kit with a choice of black, white, or red FireStik II tunable tip antennas. The antennas are also available in the two most popular lengths of 3 or 4 foot masts. Whether you looking to install a FireStik antenna on your Jeep, Pick-up truck, car, SUV, or Semi-truck the FireStik single FS antenna kit can be installed on wide variety of horizontal or vertical mounting surfaces for high performance with any CB radio.

The FireStik II "FS" series antennas are tunable by hand, no tools are required to achieve the lowest possible SWR for your CB radio. The top loaded coil is a proven performing and the FS series antenna are constructed from an extremely rugged solid-fiberglass core. As with any Fiberglass antenna the use of an antenna shock spring is recommended and FireStik has included a spring to match the antenna as part of this amazing all in one kit. The FireStik FS antenna is factory tuned for 27 MHz Citizen Band radio frequencies and N.O.A.A. weather channel capable when using a CB radio equipped to receive weather bands.

The FireStik Antenna Company believes in using only 100 percent American materials and all antennas and 100 percent made in America! FireStik backs the FS antenna with an awesome 5 year warranty, arguably the longest of any antenna manufacturer.

But the features of the FireStik single FS CB antenna kit don't stop at the antenna. A quality 3-way mounting bracket with a K4A stud mount allows for the most versatility in mounting your CB antenna onto any vehicle. A Fire-Flex 18 foot coax cable with 2 PL-259 connectors is matched for best in class performance with the FS antenna. The FireStik FS kit also includes a universal microphone hanger, making this a totally complete all-in-one antenna package!

The FireStik Single FS CB antenna kit is offered in a choice of 3 or 4 antenna lengths and Red (-R), Black (-B), Blue (BL), or White(-W) antenna colors.

FS3SMK (3 Foot)

FS4SMK (4 Foot)

Mounting bracket
FireStik 3-way antenna mounting bracket includes a K-4A stud mount with SO239 connector.

The FireStik Single FS CB Antenna Kit is great for a variety of applications including:

  • Tubular truck mirror arms
  • Luggage racks
  • Motorcycle frames
  • Boat side Rails
  • Motorhome and van sides
  • Other flat vertical surfaces

The FireStik FS kit comes complete with 18 feet of Fire-Flex cable. The high quality RG-58A/U coax is ideal for single antenna systems and is terminated with twin PL-259 connectors for easy connection between the antenna and CB radio.

Product features

  • FireStik FS antennas are 100% American made with 100% American materials
  • Bare hands tunable - no special tools required
  • N.O.A.A weather compatible
  • 1 Tunable Tip Top Loaded Antenna
  • 1 3-Way Mounting Bracket for Horizontal or Vertical Mounting
  • 1 K-4A Stud Mount
  • 1 18 foot coax cable with 2 Screw on PL-259 Connectors
  • Microphone hanger
  • 5 year antenna warranty - 1 year warranty for the mount