MHB5800 - Maxrad 144-174 MHz 3Db Gain Antenna

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The PCTEL Maxrad MHB5800 is a base loaded field tunable 3dB gain antenna for designed for Lowband VHF mobile radio applications. The MHB5800 is a base loaded 5/8 wave chrome coil with a heavy duty tapered rod for ultimate durability under the harshest environmental conditions, including the wettest winters of the Pacific Northwest!

The Maxrad MHB5800 is Lowband/VHF antenna solution that operates in the 2 meter amateur band as well as many professional and government VHF bands across the 144-174 MHz frequencies.

The Maxrad MHB5800 VHF antenna features a heavy-wall tapered housing, triple plated brass fittings and a matching coil supported by a low-loss coil form. MHB5800 antennas are engineered to preserve desired resonant frequency even during exposure to heavy shock vibrations, commonly encountered in mobile operating conditions. Maxrad MHB5800s are a solid choice for most VHF radio applications.

Maxrad recommends installing the MHB5800 as high as possible in the center of the vehicle. Roof top, trunk lids, and rear fenders of trucks and cruisers all offer great mounting locations to realize the full VHF bandwidth and range available with MHB5800 5/8 wave antennas.

Professional and amateur radio operators highly recommend the Maxrad MHB5800 for the antennas high performance, rugged construction, and ease of tuning. The MHB5800 is in use by many Jeep drivers for their 2 meter mobile radios used during OHV driving and rallies.

A great many commercial drivers and ham radio operators rave about their Maxrad antennas as "the best antenna I've ever owned".

144-174 MHz VHF frequency range

The Maxrad MHB5800 is compatible with Motorola style antenna mounts.

The optional Maxrad MS chrome antenna spring is custom designed for the MHB5800 VHF antenna.

RG58U coax is designed for best performance with VHF mobile radios.

Power handling
Rated at 200 Watts maximum power

Product features

  • The matching coil is supported by a low loss coil for superior performance in heavy shock applications
  • The tapered coil housing design enhances appearance and prevents moisture from entering the load
  • 58 inch 17-7 PH stainless steel whip
  • Mates with all 1-1/8" -18 thread (NMO) mounts, including 3/4" mounts
  • Field tuneable
  • 3dB Gain with/without ground plain
  • 144-174 MHz Frequency range
  • 200 Watt maximum power
  • 50 ohm nominal impedance
  • 2 year warranty

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