CB11 - Midland Loaded Flexible Rubber CB Antenna

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CB11 Loaded Flexible Rubber Antenna for Midland 75 Series CB Radios. Flexible loaded CB antenna designed to be used with the Midland models 75-719B, 75-764B, and 75-790 portable CB radios. The 9 ¾ inch flexible rubber antenna is furnished with mounting sleeves that slide over the original midland telescoping antenna are held secure with a set screw. An Allen wrench is supplied for installation of mounting sleeves.

The silver install sleeve is for use with 75-719 and 75-764B Midland transceivers. The black install sleeve is for use with 75-790 Midland transceivers.

If you want the flexibility of a rubber duck antenna with your Midland 75 handheld radio the 18-253B provides a great easy to install solution.

27 MHz handheld CB radio

The CB11 is compatible with 75 series Cobra® handheld CB radios; it is designed of the 75-790, 75-719, & 75-764B handheld units

Black and silver installation sleeves provided

Product features

  • Designed for use with Midland CB radios
  • 9 3/4" black flexible rubber antenna comes with two sleeves on a card
  • 75-790
  • 75-719
  • 75-764B
  • 75-790 uses the black sleeve, installation is quick and easy - it slides over your existing telescoping antenna
  • 75-719 and 75-764B use the silver sleeve, installation is quick and easy
  • Allen wrench
  • Installation instructions included

**Doesn't have a BNC connection.

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