ODIN - Rocky Mountain Radar Detector/Scrambler

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The new technology detects and scrambles Police Laser and Radar with warnings up to five miles. Bluetooth App is fully re-programmable and enables user reported real-time threats and does not interfere with Apps, Podcasts, music or hands free phone operation. The EWD (Early Warning Discriminator) and TSR (Traffic Sensor Rejection) prevents false signal alarms emitted by safety sensors on newer vehicles. Features OLED display, USB port, free Bluetooth App, Red light Camera warning, Photo Speed trap warning, 360 degree Radar/Laser protection, Undetectable to Police, Radar/Laser Scrambling, Hwy/City mode, Mute, Dim and a 1 year ticket rebate program. 3 year warranty.

Covers the following bands;

  • X-Band Detection on/off Selection
  • K-Band Detection on/off Selection
  • Ka-Band Detection on/off Selection
  • Laser Detection on/off Selection
  • Select K Wide or K Narrow Detection
  • Select Ka Wide or Ka Narrow Detection