IMCB - ProComm Inverse Multiplexor System

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The ProComm inverse multiplexor system converts an external AM/FM antenna for use with your CB radio. Allows your existing AM/FM radio antenna to work simultaneously as a CB antenna.

It is now possible to connect your CB radio to your automobile AM/FM antenna! Great option for when mounting a CB antenna isn't ideal.

Specifically designed to work with all AM/FM antennas from ProComm Products, Inc.

The inverse multiplexor is the perfect solution for connecting a portable or standard CB radio to your car or trucks external AM/FM aerial antenna for those occasions when you need the convenience and reliability of 27 MHz two-way radio.

The ProComm inverse multiplexor system is only capable for short range CB transmissions in the 1 to 2 mile range.

The inverse multiplexor is NOT designed nor intended to work with in the windshield AM/FM radio antenna. Connecting the IM-CB to an in glass AM/FM antenna may invoke the self-destruct mechanism causing the IM-CB to become totally inoperable.

Pre-tuned by ProComm, the IM-CB will work well with most CB radios right out of the package. Additional fine tuning using an SWR (Standing Wave Ratio) meter may be required to achieve optimal performance for your individual installation. Instructions for easy SWR tuning of the IM-CB are included. For a comprehensive how to tune a CB antenna tutorial visit CB World's help center for more information.

Product features

  • Inverse multiplexor control box
  • Adjustable capacitor for SWR tuning
  • Works with all AM/FM antennas
  • BNC to Motorola adaptor
  • 2 foot RG58U cable w/ male BNC connector to male Motorola plug
  • 3 foot RG58U cable PL259 to PL259 connector
  • 30 watt rating
  • Pre-tuned, additional fine tuning may be required
  • Instructions included

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