SS24 - Firestik Side Antenna Mount W/K-4 Stud

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FireStik side mounts are the solution you need when you are mounting your antenna to the side of your vehicle or any other flat vertical surface. The mounts include a stud and mounting hardware. This type of mount is often installed on the side of truck cabs, on toolboxes, RV's, inside the bed rail on pickups, and countless other applications.


These sides mounts are available in plated (K24) and stainless steel (SS24) versions The plated version is made from cold rolled steel finished with chrome plating. The stainless steel model is preferable if you are concerned about long-term durability or live near salt water.


There are two options for studs with this mount The SO239(SS24A) stud has a screw on connector for coax that has the big PL259 connector on it. The lug stud (SS24 or K24) has a bolt on the bottom for connecting a hoop, lug, or Fire-Ring connector when stace is an issue. The choice is mainly personal preference. The lug stud will give you lower clearance, Terminal coax or FireRing coax is recommended.

Firestik Side Mount Features

  • Mounts on Any Flat Vertical Metal Surface
  • Chrome Plated Cold Rolled Steel or Stainless Steel
  • Will Support up to a 7' Antenna When all 4 Bolts are Secured
  • Actual Size: 2.25" Wide and 4.2" Tall (Includes Stud) Outward Protrusion 1.9"
  • Complete with all Hardware
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

Other items that are compatible with this stud.

  1. Spring
  2. Quick disconnect
  3. Lift and Lay

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