THE JUDGE II - RADAR 2.0 -360 Radar And Laser - With Voice Alerts

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The Rocky Mountain Radar Judge 2.0 is a Radar/Laser Detector and Scrambler with the latest technology and 360 ° Radar and Laser Detection. This unit incorporates a Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit (MMIC) that reduces internal signals from leaking out of the antenna by up to one-millionth of previous levels which makes the unit totally undetectable to police. It eliminates X band detection thus virtually eliminating detection of all door openers. The MMIC reduces leakage to one-millionth of previous levels making the unit totally undetectable.

This high-tech Detector/Scrambler has laser scrambling, bi-lingual voice capability, and a newly designed case which uses a OLED Dot Matrix Display, making it our top of the line. It also features Early Warning Discriminator (EWD) which prevents false alarms by eliminating signals emitted by safety sensors on many newer vehicles.

The Judge 2.0 Features:

  • Radar / Laser Detector & Scrambler
  • Detection Range Of 5 Miles
  • Undetectable to Police
  • TSR (Traffic Sensor Rejection) Filter On / Off
  • 360 Degree Detection
  • Eliminates X Band Detection
  • Selectable Scrambler
  • City/Highway Mode
  • Super Clear OLED Display
  • Increases K and Ka Band Sensitivity
  • K Wide / K Narrow
  • Ka Wide / Ka Narrow
  • Increases Laser Scrambling
  • No False Alarms
  • Mute Function
  • Dim Function
  • X-Band On / Off
  • K Band On / Off
  • Ka Band On / Off
  • Laser On / Off
  • Comes with Zipped Carrying Case

  • The Judge 2.0 Radar/Laser Detector
  • RMR Carrying Case
  • Owners Manual