BCD396XT - Uniden Compact APCO 25 Digital Handheld Bearcat Scanner

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The BCD396XT comes equipped with Uniden exclusive features like Advanced Dynamic Memory System, Close Call RFâ„¢ Capture Technology, and GPS compatibility.

Product Features:

  • TrunkTracker IV (Motorola APCO 25 Digital, Motorola, EDACS, LTR)
  • 25000 Dynamically Allocated Channels
  • Close Callâ„¢ RF Capture Technology - Instantly tunes to signals from nearby transmitters
  • Fire Tone-Out
  • Multi-Colored Display Backlight
  • Alpha Tagging
  • 100 Quick Key System Access
  • Band Scope - Graphically finds radio activity
  • Continuous Band Coverage* - 25MHz to 1.3GHz Excluding UHF TV and Cellular
  • Compact Size
  • Audio AGC
  • Automatic Digital Threshold Adjustment
  • Temporary Lockout
  • Search with Scan
  • NAC Decoding - for conventional P25 channels
  • DCS/CTCSS Rapid Decode - Instantly Detects and Displays the Subaudible Tone So You Can Quickly Determine the System Settings.
  • S.A.M.E. Weather Alert - Specific Area Message Encoding - During a NOAA Weather or Emergency Alert, a code for your specific location will alert you to severe conditions in your immediate area.
  • PC Control/Programming (Free Download)
  • Public Safety Scanner
  • System / Channel Number Tagging - provides rapid access to a specific system or channel
  • Compatible with BC-RH96 Remote Head
  • Individual Channel Volume Offset
  • Priority ID Scan on trunked systems
  • Digital
  • Trunking

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