3991M - Shakespeare Vhf 9' 6" 6Db Mast Mount Antenna

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3991M - Vhf 9'6" 6Db Two Piece Mast Mount Antenna

This 9 Foot 6 Inch Tall, 6dB gain 100 watt VHF Marine mast mount antenna incorporates Collinear phased 5/8-wave with two coaxial chokes to suppress cable radiation. The design of this antenna combines strength and performance of larger marine antennas, with a smaller footprint. Features Brass and copper elements, an aluminum mounting sleeve for mast mounting, chrome-plated brass ferrule with standard 1"x14 thread with 15 inches of RG-58 cable and PL-259 connector. Comes with 2- U clamps. Other recommended mounts 409-R and 410-R.

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