CBXX - Francis Hot Rod Fiberglass CB Antennas (Select Color & Length)

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The Hot Rod antenna by Francis is a Double Quarter Wave CB antenna tuned for maximum performance.


  • Multi-conducting elements dielectrically and inductively compressed in a paralleled helical design
  • Fully fiberglass encapsulated
  • Standard 3/8" x 24 thread
  • Chrome-plated brass ferrule

Francis whips are designed differently than traditional wound CB antennas. The design of the antenna makes it more durable, allowing it to withstand rubbing of brush and harsh elements better. Here's how;

A traditional wound CB whip is constructed of an inner solid fiberglass core with wire wound around it to create a coil(s). Then the whip is encased in an outer heat-shrink tubing (plastic) to protect the wire and core.

A Francis antenna is constructed in the same principal. However, it is constructed with a smaller diameter inner fiberglass core and the outer encasement is also fiberglass instead of heat-shrink tubing. The smaller inner fiberglass core and fiberglass encasement gives strength and flexibility to the whip.

When a traditional fiberglass antenna is rubbed against brush or tree limbs the heat-shrink tubing gets damaged. Water eventually finds its way into the antenna causing internal damage.

A Francis antenna holds up better because of the flexibility of the antenna and the fiberglass outer casing can withstand rubbing against brush without compromising internal core.

Francis antennas are pre-tuned and usually perform well on most vehicles. However, If the SWR reading indicates the antenna is too high it can be adjusted by cutting off the tip with a hack-saw.

For applications that require extreme durability and performance Francis is a good choice.

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